I'm That Person in the Background
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Sunday bubble tea; 18/1
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someone please edit this part so hes a fast food server and hes handing u a tray of fries, ”your total is tHREEEEEEEE NINETY FIVE”. via nyenuma

did it and now im done

"sorry for the delay on your burger!"
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I think he’s saying “You’re my Hiro.” I stared at this gif for 10 minutes to make sure. Cheesy as it sounds, people will cry in the theater when he says this.
Anonymous asked:
save hiro or save tadashi


Baymax paused in motion but his processors began to click in rapid succession. "Save both-" He murmured, but the condition was that he could only save one. But he had to ensure the safety of both. If any one died in his presence where he could have prevented it he would have failed his directive. But he couldn’t save both in his situation, but he had to - -

A loud beep chimed from within and a failsafe that had been installed from the beginning kicked in. "I would save Hiro." He replied steadily.

Tadashi Hamada valued his brother above his own life.